Our News Letter
Dear Loved Ones In Christ,                                                                                                                                         June/July  2016

Greetings from the Land of Smiles!!  We hope you all are doing well.  We are excited about this months updates and Prayer Letter as the
Lord continues to work here in the lives of people in Thailand.  We want to take a moment and wish all Father’s a Happy Father’s Day, we
pray that you have a wonderful and blessed day with your families.  In Thailand, Mother’s Day is in August and Father’s Day is in
December so we celebrate at that time of year with our family here, but we always remember our family and friends in America as well.

It truly doesn’t get any better than this, in our last prayer letter we shared with you about Thom and Gap being saved and how we couldn’t
wait to update you all when they were baptized.  We are thankful to tell you that now is that time, in April they were baptized and we rejoice
that they continue to grow spiritually in the Lord.  Gap also celebrated his 11th Birthday on May 5th  it was a special day as this was Gaps
first birthday party and cake, and he was super excited having a monster Inc. themed cake.  Mam, Gap, and Thom have all been with us
for 1 year now.  It is truly amazing what one-year can do.  Please continue to remember them in your prayers.  

The children continue to do well and are all back in school from their summer break.  While they
enjoyed the break, we have all struggled with the extremely high temperatures we had been
experiencing here in Chiang Mai.  Our temperatures had been between 104-108 on many days
leaving everyone feeling hot, irritable, and tired.  Please pray for all of Thailand, as we know the
temperatures are affecting everyone.  We do rejoice that the rainy season seems to have come
and some rain has cleared up the pollution that we have had to deal with constantly from
January until the past few weeks.  Overall, we are happy to be healthy through it all.  Please
remember David as always the Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy continues to fight his body and
he struggles a little more each day.  Recently he had a health check up and we are thankful that
the disease is not yet affecting his heart and lungs, however it breaks our heart at times knowing
how far the disease has progressed and knowing what it will continue to do.  Sam and Young Suei are doing
well. They are teaching more of the ladies Bible Study we have each week.  Recently Mam, also taught and she did a wonderful job, it
is is a blessing to see how much she has grown in the year she has been with us, her excitement and desire to see her friends saved is
such a blessing.  

The correspondence courses continue to grow and we have people studying with us throughout Thailand.  Many of those studying write
with questions and looking for something more, please continue to pray for them that they will understand the gospel and be saved.  
Currently we have 1,841 people studying with us and we rejoice that four precious souls came to know the Lord Jesus from this part of
our Ministry.  The lepers are doing good as well.  They continue to pray for you all and ask for your prayers too.  

While some updates and stories we share with you are a time of rejoicing and excitement, sadly, they are not all this way.  Recently some
government officials contacted us to see if we could help in a very sad situation.  A whole village in the Mae Ai district, which is about two
½ hours away from us, burned to the ground.  Families lost everything they had except the clothes they were wearing.  In all 57 homes
were burned down, the people in this village were from two different tribes Lahu and Moo Su.  As we drove up there to try to determine
what we could do it was heartbreaking.  Smoldering ashes were all that was left of what these people called home”.  The total number of
people who were affected by the fire was 242 with 84 of these being children.  They cannot truly understand and process what has
happened or why, but we will do our best to help them.  We will be helping them throughout the next few months and making trips there
as often as possible, but with the rainy season now upon us it will be difficult because getting to the village is extremely hard in this
weather condition.  Please pray for these families.

We want to say thank you for all that you do for us to help this ministry.  You are just as much a part of it as we are. We Love each of you
and we appreciate everything.   Thank you for your love, prayers, & support!  Until next time... we love you all and thank God for you. We are
praying for you all!  God Bless!                                                        

                                                                                               Love In Christ,

                                                                                  Mike, Heather, & Moses Ivey