Meet Our Children
We are pleased that God has given us 9 very precious children to care for at this time.  Each has a different story to
tell and a different background they come from.  But they all came to us needing the same thing.  They needed Love
and Jesus.  We rejoice that 8 of the boys we have cared for have all accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as there personal
Savior. Continue to Pray for Gap and Thom to be saved.  In all we have cared for 16 boys and now 1 girl.   
This is Bask.  He is from the Akkah
tribe.  He is 18 years old. Bask is
currently studying at a Bible College in
Bangkok.  His Birthday is January 19th.
This is Yee.  He is from the Hmong Tribe.  He is
18 years old.  Yee is currently studying in the
12th grade. His Birthday is April 5th.
This is Matthew.   His Birthday is September 19th.
This is David.  He has Duchennes
Muscular Dystrophy and he is such a
fighter!  He is 12 years old now.   His
Birthday is January 1st.
Jeremy was
adopted in July 2011
to a wonderful family
from Denmark.  He
continues to do
well.  Remember to
pray for him.
Braxton was adopted in May 2012.  
He is a sweet boy and he is missed.  
Please continue to pray for him.  
His new name is Timeo.   
This is Ef.  He was with us for
nearly 2 months before he was
adopted to France.  Ef was saved
and baptized before he left our
home.  Please pray for him.  
This is Mac.  He came to us in
October of 2010.  He is 13 years old.
Mac is currently in the 8th grade.
His Birthday is March 4th.
This is Mark.  He is 12 years old. Mark is
currently in the 7th grade His birthday is
February 8th
This is John.  He is 12 years old.
John is currently  in the 6th grade
old.  His  Birthday is July 21st.  
This is Mai.  He is 16 years old. Mai is
currently studying in the 10th grade.  
His Birthday is April 3rd.  
In Loving Memory of Samson
Daniel's  Birthday is August
This is Mam.  She came to us on May   
2015.  She is currently in the 11th grade.  
Her Birthday is November 27th.
This is Gap.  He came to us in May 2015.  He is 11
years old.  He is currently in the 5th grade.  His
Birthday is May 5th.
This is Thom.  He is 7 years old.  He came to us
on May 2015.  He is currently in the 2nd grade.  
His Birthday is September 5th.
Those who are no longer with us remain
forever in our hearts.  Below are the
children we have cared for who have
gone to be with their families!